Hello, again. Remember the time that I talked about Spam and spam–one you eat and one you delete? I also mentioned that there was a famous group of women named Spam Girls. As best as I can find out, they were a group of 60 women hired by the Hormel Company to publicize the Spam luncheon meat. It seems that they were a drum and bugle corps and also danced. They toured the country around the late 1930’s.

About this same time, the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes was formed. Today,they still dance there, showcasing some 36 dancers. They are most famous for their high kicks and precision.

Then there were the Harvey Girls who worked in the Fred Harvey hotels located next to the railroad lines. They existed as a group from around 1900 up to 1960. Their history is a big part of the railroad story in this country.

In the 1920’s, a less formal group of women brought a huge change to this country. They were known as the Women’s Suffrage group, and fought to bring the right to vote to American women. Our recent Presidential election would make them happy seeing how many women were elected to Congress.

Yet another brave group of women was the Women’s Army Corps or better known as WACs. That group was formed in 1943. Those women covered many of the important jobs that needed to be done during World War II, not including actual fighting. However, much of the work they did required bravery as well as skill.

In the realm of sports, women also took over during the war since most of the young athletes were fighting overseas. Women’s softball was very popular beginning in 1930 but really picked up in the 1940’s. One team won five titles; it was the Jax Maids from New Orleans. Most of the teams at that time had names that indicated they were female, often including “girls” or some other female word in the title.

If you recall any other really famous groups of women somewhat like those above, I hope you’ll let me know in the comments section below. Meantime, I’m going enjoy a cup of peach tea and a chocolate cookie.

For more about women’s softball, go to Livestrong.com

COMING NEXT: I Saw The 1st Ice Follies Show


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