My snow-covered backyard was so smooth and pristine on Christmas Day. Today I’m at my kitchen table looking out at the yard, while drinking my hot passion peach tea and eating a chocolate chip cookie, and the yard looks like a herd of elephants ran through it, many times. There’s also a pathetic snowman with a head that is now about the size of a baseball.

My California born and bred, young grandsons have been gone two days after spending five days with us over the holidays. The nine and twelve years old surfer-country kids created the waves of snow in the yard.

I watched them, from the same window that I’m peering through now, as they ran and rolled, scooped and threw snow, and attempted to build the snowman out of fluffy, not sticky, snow.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I’m trying to set up for explaining to you what unbridled joy looks like. What I saw was not a pair of happy kids having fun. What I saw was the almost uncontrollable emotion one might feel when experiencing complete freedom, while eating a chocolate chip cookie. Way
beyond happy.

Snow is not inherently enjoyable. In fact, as we all know, it can be a real nuisance and also dangerous. But humans discovered how to make snow cones out of icy water (like lemonade out of lemons). People began to slide on the slippery stuff on purpose with skis and sleds. They found they could mold it into shapes, such as snowmen. And when it is not a problem, we love its beauty.

It’s not always extremely cold when it snows, but here in New Mexico this year, we have had record low temperatures, so along with the snow, we have stunning icicles. My grandsons loved looking at those, too. Their mother grew up in snow and freezing weather and she tells the story of how she and her brother got their tongues stuck while trying to lick icicles. No doubt a very common story for young children in the northern latitudes.

My idea of a great activity on a snowy day will come as no shock to you as it involves cookies, tea or better yet, hot chocolate and a nice warm room.

However, that white stuff can be SNOW MUCH FUN.


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  2. Now I’m wondering where all of the other comments went. Computers are so independent.
    Anyway, I’m not ticked off about this because it appears that it may now be working. I hope
    others will give it a shot.

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