Give yourself a pat on the back if you recognize that the title of this blog also appears in my book “Ticked Off And Tickled About It.” Well, people say that if you’re going to steal words, take it from the best! Okay, so humility is not one of my virtues.

I’ve already enjoyed my green tea and oatmeal cookie this morning. Pick yourself up off the floor, of course I added apple cinnamon tea, and chocolate chunks to the cookies. I want to be healthy not crazy.

Yesterday, I had my hair cut by a new-to-me beautician. This man had cut my hair a month ago but at that time I didn’t notice anything he did because I was holding my breath and keeping my eyes shut. I’ve been to too many beauticians over the years to trust that my hair will turn out the way I want it.

Since he did a good job, I not only returned, I studied his technique. He works in a completely different way than the last person did, but the cut turns out looking just the same. I can’t figure out how that happens.

I’ve been using hair growing stuff because in my opinion, after a certain age, about all you’ve got going for you is your hair. Try as you may, your hair is not going to look as it did when you’d not yet reached age 50, and unless you received incredible genes, your skin is going to develop things you never wanted, such as wrinkles. Never mind that your body has a mind of its own and Pilates can help but it’s not a miracle.

Hair is such funny stuff. When I was a kid, I was technically a redhead, but my childhood friends have said that along the way, my hair was once pink, then orange, then really red, then auburn. Also somewhere along the line, the curls turned into straight as a string. And I should mention that my hair is now snow white.

We don’t have much control over what our hair does except to feed it vitamins, color it and cut it or let it grow long. Oh, yes, people used to curl their hair, but not much any more. People also used to comb their hair, but not much any more. For young women, it seems that quite long, very straight and messy is the style. Also they often have hair dangling over the eyes. I have first grade girls in my class who deliberately want the hair to hang down in their eyes, just like their mother’s.

Sorry, I forgot to mention braids, pony tails, and other ways to change the look with hair. Braids were called pig tails when I was a little girl and my mom loved to fix my hair that way sometimes. I liked the pretty ribbons she tied on the bottom.

Here’s something worth mentioning– the current major mystery in the world of hair is on the head of The Donald (Trump). Vanity Fair and Time each have an article about this important comb-over situation and you can find it solved in their articles on the internet. This so valuable information has been provided as a public service from your Tea With The Tickled Lady blog.

COMING NEXT: Tongue In Cheek



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